Celebrate with H.O.P.E. -'Joy of Giving Week'

 Dear All,                                                                                                                                                              The Joy of giving week is a “Festival of Giving”.  It’s a time of sharing, helping, giving and celebrating the act of reaching out to the needy. A helping hand can change the world. “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” - Mother Teresa.                                                                                      The joy of giving week beckons us to be generous givers in kind and in kindliness and to loosen our purse strings. H.O.P.E. is sprucing to share its rays of Hope in several directions. The preferential group is the children of migrant construction workers. In the Surya Uday Day Care Center total child care is given to nearly 70 children. The children will not be the passive recipients; they will also be the joy givers by their smiles and their songs.     The humanitarian services of H.O.P.E. span  across from the new born infants of the Surya Uday to the octogenarians of the 150 senior citizens from different areas. HOPE is organizing senior citizens Melava on the 11th of October 2015 with lots of fun filled games, entertainment programs, gifts and refreshments. It will be a bright day of adventure, relaxation and enjoyment in their golden autumn days.        In the spectrum of its “reach out” policy H.O.P.E. reaches out to the needy in its other projects too. It is its hope and wish that the joy of giving week be not limited to 2nd October to 8th October but that it stretches out through out the year.         HOPE needs YOU, your SERVICE, your PRESENCE, your TIME and your TALENT. Your generous contribution will help to brighten the lives of many in need and in distress situation. THERE IS A GREATER JOY THAN CARING FOR SOMEONE. It is the joy of knowing that you got others to care as well. Come, experience it. There is greater joy to give than to receive.             No matter how large or small, your contribution, it makes a difference to a child in need, to a woman in distress, to an aged and sick in pain.On behalf of everyone in HOPE, we thank you for your commitment and constant support.Together let’s work to pull in all the recourses to motivate good-hearted people to give, donate generously during “The joy of giving week”. With all good wishes and Gods blessingsVisit us at  www.hope-pune.org. Email: hopepune2010@gmail.comPhone: 020 27031152, 09325473339Sr. Flory MenezesDirectress of HOPE, Pune.