Volunteering Activities at a School in construction site at Wadgaonsheri.

A few volunteering activities were conducted by Roshan, Jason and Sylvia for laborers’ children from 24th May to 3rd June 2024. During the duration of this period the children were presented with fun activities such as puzzles, Carrom, Snakes and Ladders, and Cricket.One day was also fully assigned to Arts and Crafts where the children were provided with the opportunity to draw whatever they wanted which helped build their creativity.The following day was when the children played Cricket. A sponge ball was provided along with a plastic bat and each child was offered a fair hand at the bowler as well as the batsman’s end.A few days passed and more children came by and engaged in the wide range of activities provided to them.On 3rd June 2024, the children were given snacks such as Samosas and Vada Pavs along with a Maaza mango juice. Also Samosas and Vada Pavs and Juice were ordered and given to the children. The teacher made the children sit down in a circle as the snacks were distributed to them and everyone enjoyed the food as we all reminisced the events that took place during the week.It was wonderful to see all the children jump at the opportunities that were presented to them with so much enthusiasm and it was even more delightful to watch them engage in the events with much dedication.