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_________________________________ Human Organization for Pioneering in Education Registered No. MAH/724, F 1990 Springs of HOPE Activities Report November 2012 – March 2013 Dear friends and well wishers of H.O.P.E, We are happy to contact you once again with the latest news November focussed our vision on the forthcoming children’s day, as we gradually moved into the International Season of Peace and goodwill – Christmas. We plunged wholeheartedly into preparations and planning for the same,with enthusiasm and creativity.However the Peace of this Season was rudely shattered as the country was plunged into a wave of sadness and dismay as we got to learn of the horrendous story of “Nirbhaya” that echoed far beyond our national frontiers as we sadly followed the gruesome details and their aftermath.That surely touched our hearts very deeply. HOPE once again raised its noble head and heart above the existing chaos and shattered dreams in an intervening gesture. The 12th January candle light rally of 1500 women, men and children was an echo of a thousand voices raised in an united protest of the atrocities. That was a beautiful and challenging gesture of HOPE – a gesture that was timely, significant and caring. A petition was addressed to the President, Prime Minister, and the local collectors, endorsed by a signature campaign of 5428 persons. HOPE cares for persons and their life situations and takes up effective and relevant steps to be present for them.The celebration of Hope Day further enabled us to concentrate effectively on “Nirbhaya”. This gave an added and enthusiastic impetus to the empowerment of women, to which HOPE is passionately dedicated. The publishing of “Rays of HOPE” helped to enlighten,connect and inspire all friends of Hope.With the first issue of our Magazine we now present you with a very precise and organised view of the recent activities as well the prospective projects and concerns of HOPE for the near and distant future. The newest venture of HOPE is now to turn its benevolent gaze towards an urgently required accomodation abode where people who are stranded for shelter may find a safe and secure temporary haven . Plans of the project seem to be moving forward, thanks to the generous and enthusiastic support of benefactors,friends, and well-wishers. Sincerely yours, Sr. Noelline Pinto Sr. Flory Menezes Inside H.O.P.E. HOPE was happy to welcome our guest benefactors for a few weeks Marion and Ariane who really contributed to the success of the HOPE DAY, making it memorable , warm and unforgettable with their presence and untiring efforts. The Magazine “Rays of HOPE” was meticulously planned , organised and tastefully executed thanks to their expertise in this field. Their gracious presence and cooperation further added joy to our “ HOPE DAY” celebrations. HOPE is happy to let you know that our Founder has also been the recipient of a local trophy for her humanitarian efforts. Besides this, HOPE has also been awarded another trophy for its significant Achievements. Our guests Jacqueline and Marc have been with us and have given us encouragement and support by their generous contribution and appreciation of our work. SPECIAL EVENTS in HOPE The First issue of “Rays of HOPE” makes its way into the hands and hearts of all our friends, benfactors and well-wishers, much to the delight and admiration of all. Everyone was eager to page through it and enjoy the picturesque presentation of its contents. The achievements of HOPE were highlighted and enlivened with personal testemonies and grass root incidents that made it come before the readers in a very vived and interesting from. The contents gave relevant statistical information in a well tabulated form. “HOPE DAY” was celebrated with festivity, colour and enthusiasm with 700 guests that included benefactors, friends, and well wishers. Each project presented its report in the context of their dramatic performance. The basic theme was of course “ Nirbhaya” the invitation to fearless living that dominated the day. A minute silence was observed to remember someone who gave the world hope through the sacrifice of her life and other victims of similar crimes. We are happy to let you know that the staff that had served for 10 years and more were felicitated with a trophy. Sr. Noelline our Founder was invited to receive an award from a local NGO in recognition for the humanitarian services rendered these thirty- nine odd years. Besides, HOPE was awarded along with other local NGO’s on women’s Day. Our current activities now concentrate on the four main channels of empowerment programs. Educate 49 children enjoyed “Delhi Safari” at the local Inorbit mall in November and participated in the drawing competition specially arranged for them on the occasion of children’s day. Our satff entertained our children with gift surprises and a competition to celebrate Children’s Day A Diwali party in which 75 children took part was organised by The Brahma Coorporation. In December an awareness session for parents ( migrant workers) was organised , attended by 70 parents. Human Rights Day was also celebrated with children given a brief explanation on the narratives of freedom and their significance for patriotism. Struggle of freedom fighters highlighted. Some of the children’s birthdays were celebrated so that their uniqueness and special talents were brought out and acknowledged. Construction site animators participated in the candle light Rally held in January along with the NGO’s in the cause of “ nirbhaya” . The Annual Polio vaccination was administered to the children in February and March. Besides this the children had their Annual picnic at Empress gardens which they enjoyed with special food, joy rides, water games, drinks and sweets. Holi , the feast of colours was also colourfully celebrated along with the parents. The students of our Saturday value education classes did admirably well in a January, Inter NGO Sports Event, 2013 organised by Secure Giving, an initiative of Concern India Foundation, bagging the award for the BEST DISCIPLINED TEAM for the group and individual prizes for other events held at the same function.The students received enviable awards which will enable them to pursue some future training and skills, besides providing the winners for further motivation in personal development. Each of the participants received a certificate. 25 children participated in the event. Enable Various training skills form part of our daily schedule. Whenever possible outsiders are invited as resource persons . 42 domestic workers attend the Tailoring classes at Gauthan where they are enabled to use the skills for earning a living . Domestic Workers attended State Level Union Meet on 17th and 18th January where objectives were explained. The topics covered included legal help, sexual harrassment, Crime against women, and other Rights. Along with the discussions, the SMART technique was explained and illustrated. 16th december; There was a half-day session on AWARENESS -self-management and personality development. The resource person Mrs. Jacqueline dealt with the topics in a very personalised way encouraging individual and group participation.Participation was good and all benefitted fron the same as an assistance for daily living . The Awareness exercises were of great benefit as a follow-up of the same. Facilitate 350 Senior ciitizens spread over 10 local areas are regularly visited, their birthdays and special days celebrated.They have area wise meets every week where they spend some time together,relaxing ,sharing their quiet lives and enjoying one another’s company. This helps them to be enlivened and supported. Eye camps have been conducted for them and their health checks are supervised; those who are not so able are accompanied on their medical check up to the hosptal. They are regularly assisted to fill in their Adhar Forms, check their ration cards regularly and make sure that other unforeseen needs that come up are attended to with care and concern. They show great creativity and were eager to show off their talent for the HOPE DAY when they enthusiastically presented their graceful dance with lighted lamps, which was quite a pleasant surprise for all.Women’s day celebration was their special delight as they came forward to entertain all with their skits, songs and dances all creatively made up for the special occasion. Intervene Case study Sometime in December we had a young lad approaching us in search of a job placement as he said. On further investigation we discovered that he was a delinquent or rather on the way to delinquency by his manner of living. However we can never give up on people and he was young less than 21 years. So we contacted the family and learned that he had the misfortune of belonging to a separated family. After meeting the family, it was decided that we should give it a try since for all practical purposes the boy was disowned. So he was sent to a local Youth Management centre. In the beginning he showed definite signs of coming out of his condition to the point of securing a modest job. But later his old habits of life seemed to be getting in his way and finally the Centre was not prepard to take his responsibility. There is still a good side to this story. One of his tutors is still prepared to see that the boy is helped to settle down. We await good news- that is HOPE for us. Someday he will turn around and do something worthwhile. The Rally organised in support of the empowerment of women was very effective both as an enlightenment and intervention. Over a thousand people participated; the signature campaign was also a very good occasion for enlightenment and education on prominent social issues like treatment of women in society. The HOPE DAY celebration served to bring out the various national social elements and the current state of affairs in this field. The whole program was planned and organised with very special reference to the current topic “ Nirbhaya” and this was presented in songs , skits and poetic speeches. This was a grand form of intervention for the 700 guests and well-wishers who joined us that day. However the “RAYS of HOPE” further explicitly brought out “HOPE” in all its aspects- the objectives were highlighted, those connected with the group and responsible for its daily working were highlighted with their idividual contributions and the achievements of HOPE were also highlighted and enlivened with personal testimonies and grass root incidents that made HOPE come before us in a very vivid and interesting form. The Articles that composed the Magazine were definitely aimed at giving relevant statistical information as well as grass roots incidents , most of it in pictures . this will enable all who go through these pages to be well- informed and inspired . We are grateful to God for our Founder Sr. Noelline who even at her fourscore years and more is still in the award winning group. OUR THANKS TO ALL OUR Co workers who made all achievement possible for HOPE HOPE’s Upcoming Events Summer camp for the children from 22nd to the 30th April 2013. Eye check-up for Senior Citizens 0n 22nd April 2013. Anti child labour day rally – 29th April. Domestic workers Day on the 4th of May 2013 HOPE is warmly welcoming sponsors for these events. H.O.P.E and You Our warmest words of gratitude go to: Fr. Mathias Altrichter for his never ending support and ongoing sponsoring of H.O.P.E.’s projects Brahma Builders for their continuous sponsoring of H.O.P.E.’s Suryauday Day Care Center Mrs. Marion Rigling for her constant support and service to HOPE’s vision and mission. Hope for the Children Foundation (HFCF) for providing food grains for the suncity children. A special THANK YOU to Mr Francis De Sousa of helping hands for his generous and sponatneous response to our request in the RAYS of HOPE. God ‘s blessings on his family and dear ones . Alan Veeck from Us for his Kind donation to HOPE. All our friends and well wishers for their constant help, in-kind, cash and in person. Mogetwadi, 36, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune-411014, Maharashtra, India Phone: +91 20 27031152 E-mail: Internet: