Our Guiding Principles

HOPE's work is based on eight principles that serve as a guiding star for all our activities. Their essence goes back to HOPE's founder, late Sr. Noelline Pinto. We are happy to continue and develop further HOPE's work in her spirit and with the same innovative mind, commitment and goal Sr. Noelline stood for.

1. Go to the roots.

The sources of many conflicts are social imbalance, injustice and discrimination. HOPE pursues social change, with and on behalf of vulnerable or oppressed groups, to overcome these underlying reasons, thus protecting, promoting and sustaining a harmonious living of all beings.

2. Respect basic human rights.

Our activities are led by the idea of equality, liberty, justice, human dignity. In all our dealings we uphold and respect individual and collective human rights and promote the principles among our stakeholders.

3. Treat everybody equal.

HOPE reaches out to people irrespective of age, gender, caste, religion, ethnicity and nationality. We treat everybody in a caring and respectful manner and cultivate this consciousness in our day to day mission.

4. Our place is safe.

HOPE assures an environment where children and vulnerable adults feel safe and protected from any form of sexual abuse or maltreatment.

5. Let people act.

HOPE believes in the inherent power in every human being. We strive to awaken this power and encourage people to be self-sufficient.

6. Help those who are not able to help themselves

HOPE stands by old, young, weak, or helpless human beings when their own capacities are not sufficient or when immediate help is needed.

7. Protect our common home.

The protection of our natural environment has become one of the most urgent demands of our time. HOPE advances the concept of environmental protection among its stakeholders and has made it part of its culture from the start.

8. Self reliant, self dependent

HOPE is autonomous and solely committed to its defined mission. Within the framework of its activities, HOPE proactively seeks sources of steady income and project-related funding.