Societal Transformation through Empowerment

Welcome to HOPE!

We are commited to promote societal change and a harmonious living throught the all-round empowerment of socially and economically underprivileged families.

HOPE's areas of impact are Educate, Enable, and Intervene. Our activities in these areas include the education and enablement of women, the all-round development of children, legal aid and crisis intervention.

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Happy new year from HOPE

A happy new year to HOPE's staff, friends. well-wishers and supporters!

HOPE helps Corona-hit construction site workers

Workers on construction sites were especially hard hit by the Corona pandemic. With several initiatives, HOPE supported this vulnerable part of the population.

H.O.P.E. Flashlights in 2015


- 25 January, Scholastics from De Nobili College invited 100 children for a Children’s Melawa. What children loved best, was the location: The gathering took place in the middle of the woods. Quite an adventure!

Medical Camp for construction workers

A construction site is not exactly the typical venue for  Serva Seva Sang. The NGO normally works for street children and HIV affected women and children. Yet here the eight social workers were, in the heart of Brahma Sun City, one of Vadgaon Sheri’s largest construction sites, speaking to some 40 men and women in security helmets, stout shoes and working clothes. What was going on?

Not a typical tea break – on today’s menu is health instead of tea

“Safe Motherhood day”

On 11th of July 2015 H.O.P.E organized a talk and interaction with Mothers of day care center.         This talk was given by Sr. Sheila who is a nurse. She enlighten the Mother’s on ‘Mother care and safe Motherhood.’ These women are construction workers who are migrated and uneducated. After listening to their struggles and stories sister’s Sheila’s heart was filled with compassion and she promised to conduct health camp for them and will donate some medicine to them.

Domestic Worker's Melawa

5th July 2015 H.O.P.E conducted Domestic workers Melawa at the center. The Melawa started with the lunch which brought the women together with joy and that followed the input session and information on how to form women’s federation by the social worker’s. There were 60 women present for the Melava.

World Environment day celebrated at Day care Center

On 5th June 2015 World Environment day was celebrated with the children of our Day care center. This was the experience of Fun with learning. Children cleaned the surrounding of the center and planted trees .Teacher explained the significance of the day and how we all can care and save mother earth.

"Our beloved founder Sr. Noelline Pinto passes away"

A   Tribute to Sr. Noelline Pinto                                                                                       “From the unreal lead me to the real, from the darkness, lead me to light and from death, lead me to immortality”. On  23rd May 2015 our Sr. Neolline has answered the final call of the Lord. After a long illness and suffering, spending her old age gracefully, finally the Lord has ended her earthly pains and called her for heavenly peace.Sr.

Suryouday Day Care Centre Children march for Safeguarding & Preserving water

Save Water Save Trees Save life!!

As we consider our environment as a matter of vital importance, the members of HOPE organized a short rally on the 28th March, 2015. Under the leadership of Mrs. Gracy Sabale the some 30 children marched from Suryouday Day Care Centre to Asara, Sainikwadi for sustaining environment aiming to raise water conservation and prevent cutting of trees.

Children holding Banners
Children marching for prerserving trees & Water
Children Shouting-Save Trees, Save Water