Senior Citizen Project

In the changing socio-economic situation, the problems of the aged are becoming more complex day by day. The aged may be considered as the “Fourth World”. It is a global problem. It has crept into the Indian scenario with the fast disappearing of the traditional joint family system. The aged are neglected, those who can afford find a refuge in Homes for the aged, the others lead lonely, needy, helpless lives in their deserted homes. To address to the needs of the aged men and women H.O.P.E. is having different programs to support the senior citizen.

Objectives and activities are:

  • Provide counseling and guidance
  • Attend to their needs through help line and home assistance
  • Accompany them on their ways to hospitals, doctors and shopping for their daily needs
  • Organize health camps to provide adequate medical care
  • Organize festivals, picnics and other social events
  • Ensure that they have a Senior citizen cards and make them available to various Government schemes

Our desire is to help every senior citizen to develop a positive attitude towards life, to make them live in dignity and peace and make their autumn days vital, meaningful and contended; and to motivate the family members to be a support to them by providing love, care, security and respect. Our aim is to cater to the needs of the senior citizens to create an atmosphere that they are loved, cared, secured and to bring awareness to support the senior citizens to help them to live their golden years gracefully.

Programme for Senior Citizens

Regular meetings are held area wise with the senior citizens to know about their health, the problems they face regarding their health, and try to find solutions. To make they feel special, loved and wanted, Senior Citizens Day, and Picnic was organized for 130 members by H.O.P.E. Directed 10 members to Hospital for Cataract operation. Members participated in snack making, singing and dance competition which helped them to boost their spirit and feel young.