social action for womens rightsWomen empowerment is the core of H.O.P.E.’s activities, which is our first goal. But there are cases when immediate help is needed. In those cases, H.O.P.E. steps in and gives temporary monetary help for health, school fees, relief of indebtedness. We also collect aid in times of calamities and support men being admitted in de-addiction programs.

To women who have no financial means or influence to obtain justice, H.O.P.E. gives legal aid. We have a lawyer on our cadre who renders service to poor people free of cost or at reduced fees. We also hold seminars to instruct people regarding law matters and rights. Instances in which H.O.P.E. comes to the rescue:

  • Domestic violence and mental torture, which solicits legal intervention
  • Separation or divorce  
  • Harassment by in-laws  
  • Harassment by house owner to the tenant
  • False allegations-murder, assault, theft, rape  
  • Continuous conflicts between neighbors   
  • Quarrels over property, inheritance.

But H.O.P.E. does not only step in when immediate help is needed. From the start, we are committed to improving calamity at it’s root and to changing the social conditions that had originally caused the problems. We address social issues, organize people to obtain social justice and civic amenities, protest peacefully against anti social elements and educate women for social awakening.

Another important area of action is counseling women in calamity situations. H.O.P.E.’s doors are always open for those seeking advice, orientation or – when needed – immediate help.