Springs of H.O.P.E. - November 2012 - March 2013

The Latest issue of our Newsletter "Springs of H.O.P.E." is available for Download. Learn more about our activities from November 2012 - March 2013.

November focussed our vision on the forthcoming children’s day, as we gradually moved into the International Season of Peace and goodwill – Christmas. We plunged wholeheartedly into preparations and planning for the same,with enthusiasm and creativity.

However the Peace of this Season was rudely shattered as the country was plunged into a wave of sadness and dismay as we got to learn of the horrendous story of “Nirbhaya” that echoed far beyond our national frontiers as we sadly followed the gruesome details and their aftermath. That surely touched our hearts very deeply. HOPE once again raised its noble head and heart above the existing chaos and shattered dreams in an intervening gesture. The 12th January candle light rally of 1500 women, men and children was an echo of a thousand voices raised in an united protest of the atrocities. That was a beautiful and challenging gesture of HOPE – a gesture that was timely, significant and caring. A petition was addressed to the President, Prime Minister, and the local collectors, endorsed by a signature campaign of 5428 persons. HOPE cares for persons and their life situations and takes up effective and relevant steps to be present for them.

The celebration of Hope Day further enabled us to concentrate effectively on “Nirbhaya”. This gave an added and enthusiastic impetus to the empowerment of women, to which HOPE is passionately dedicated. The publishing of “Rays of HOPE” helped to enlighten,connect and inspire all friends of Hope.

With the first issue of our Magazine we now present you with a very precise and organised view of the recent activities as well the prospective projects and concerns of HOPE for the near and distant future. T

he newest venture of HOPE is now to turn its benevolent gaze towards an urgently required accomodation abode where people who are stranded for shelter may find a safe and secure temporary haven . Plans of the project seem to be moving forward, thanks to the generous and enthusiastic support of benefactors,friends, and well-wishers.

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Rally for Nirbhaya
H.O.P.E. Day