H.O.P.E. Celebrates Senior Citizens Day

H.O.P.E. Celebrates Senior Citizens Day
First October is the world senior Citizen’s Day and 2nd to 8th October is the Joy of Giving week. In a harmonious blending of the 2 events H.O.P.E. celebrated the senior Citizens Day on 4th Oct. from 10.am to 2.00 p.m. in Maria Hall, VadgaonSheri. H.O.P.E. staff, Volunteers from the local community gave their love, time, service and gifts in kind to organize a Melava for our 250 revered senior citizens.
H.O.P.E. offered them a platform to exhibit their latent talents by way of solo and group songs, extempore speeches and jokes. The lucky ones could win prizes in displaying their skills at 5 stalls of “Games of chance”. They could regale their taste buds at 2 counters of mouth watering snacks and at a delicious biryani booth.
The expressions of joy, satisfaction, gratitude and affection of our dear senior citizens were boundless. Some of affection of our dear senior citizens was boundless. Some of them compared the Melava to “Sanskrit” (A resort on Sholapur Road)
The special honored guest were 3 senior citizens: Ms. Denise Lobo, ex professor of St. Aloysius college, Jabalpur and a great humanitarian worker, Sr.Suchita and Sr.Vandana who spend their meritorious life time in devoted service of the Aged, Handicapped and Abandoned children. Now all 3 residents of St.Walbarga Home.
Ms. Prabha Borde and Ms. Veronica Aware gave the low down of the annual activities of the Senior Citizens Project.
H.O.P.E. is always alert to respond to the needs and problems arising from our fast evolving society. It was sensitized to the pathetic plight of the Senior Citizens three years ago and launched a project “Home Assistance to Senior Citizens”. Besides “Home Assistance and club activities, regular health checks are held. Annually about 15 surgeries for cataract are held free of cost, thanks to the services of Doctors, nurses and the staff of Bharati Vidyapeeth Hospital, Pune. Celebrations of Senior Citizens day, Diwali and Christmas, annual picnic are part of the programme.
It is the “Joy of Giving week”. It is in Giving that we receive!

Sr.Noelline Pinto.