Suryouday Day Care Centre Children march for Safeguarding & Preserving water

Save Water Save Trees Save life!!

As we consider our environment as a matter of vital importance, the members of HOPE organized a short rally on the 28th March, 2015. Under the leadership of Mrs. Gracy Sabale the some 30 children marched from Suryouday Day Care Centre to Asara, Sainikwadi for sustaining environment aiming to raise water conservation and prevent cutting of trees.

The children raised their voices shouting, 'Save Water, Save Life', 'Save trees' and so on. This has comforted the concern towards H.O.P.E. that we also strive towards the inclusive and sustainable progress of the environment.

The rally ended at Asara and the children were given some refreshments.

Children holding Banners
Children marching for prerserving trees & Water
Children Shouting-Save Trees, Save Water