"Our beloved founder Sr. Noelline Pinto passes away"

A   Tribute to Sr. Noelline Pinto                                                                                       “From the unreal lead me to the real, from the darkness, lead me to light and from death, lead me to immortality”. On  23rd May 2015 our Sr. Neolline has answered the final call of the Lord. After a long illness and suffering, spending her old age gracefully, finally the Lord has ended her earthly pains and called her for heavenly peace.Sr. Noelline Pinto was born on 15th August 1927 at Revora, Goa to Mr. Joseph Pinto and Mrs. Leopoldine Lobo.Sr. Noelline joined the Sisters of the Cross in July 1946 as a postulant in Amravati. She entered the novitiate in 4th January 1947, made her first profession in 4th January 1949, and she vowed herself totally to God 3 years later by her final profession in 1952.From then on began a long itinerary of her humble services to the people.Let us take a glimpse into her life of hard work and humble service:In 1949 as a young sister she began teaching in Siolim and in 1953 she was transferred to Amravati. She returned to Siolim as headmistress in 1959. In 1963 she was sent to Aurangabad as superior and from there she returned back to Amravati to teach in the School. She was sent to Europe for further studies in 1970 were she completed her Diploma in French and 1972 Course in Spirituality, Swizerland and latter on 1973 – 74 course in social sciences in Lyons.   In 1976 Sr. Nolline had a dream to bring about change in a small township of Pune, Vadgaon Sheri her dream was to improve the life of the people and to lift them up from the throes of poverty.  The person at the helm of this wonderful organisation is so remarkable selfless and dedicated to this cause and to this service of the needy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The purpose of life is to know, love and serve God. Sr. Neolline has marvellously carried on her life knowing, loving and serving God in each and every step of her life. Her heart could not hold any longer, she had a heart that gave itself away to the end. She did not even have time to think about herself, about her own health and sickness. She never complained but cheerfully accepted God’s will in her life. Through thick and thin she has carried out this precious work, in imitation of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. As a result so many people in and around Pune have found their dignity, worth and happiness.As children of God, we have a glorious future because God in His goodness and generosity wants to share His love and life with us. There is a gap between this life and the next.A catpillar would never tell how beautifully it could become with a butterfly with its wings.  Thousand and more must have walked through those doors with their tales of woe at any given time. No appointments, no phone call, no lunch break, no dinner break, no now- its –midnight- we- shouldn’t be knocking on someone’s door , they would just drop inn, for the doors were always open.  No problem was too big or too small, everyone got a patient hearing. All which required the wisdom of Solomen and the patience of job. She reached out to children of all ages, babies, girls and boys, men and women. Each had a different need and she attended to their individual needs. Her personal touch, time and compassion for the people in need are truly admirable.Sr. Neolline’s in her own words at the celebration on the 40th jubilee  - In the twilight of my years, especially during this jubilee year, many are the persons who acknowledge: “All that I am today, I owe to H.O.P.E   what do you do in return? Give what you have received, not only in kind, not even in service, but above all in cultivating a new social mind –set in being in solidarity:

  • To  alleviate the burden of poverty
  • To wipe the tears in someone’s eyes
  • To give hope to hopeless youth
  • To befriend the marginalized, the lonely senior citizens
  • To heal the wounds of a broken humanity
  • To stand courageously for justice and human rights
  • To cultivate gender equality  and women’s dignity

H.O.P.E. has this message to one and all“There are still promises to keep and miles to go before you sleep.”I have fought the good fight, I have run the race. I pass the baton to you.