H.O.P.E. is today's beautiful plant and tomorrow's fruitful tree.

Envisaging a just and human society is the vision of H.O.P.E. Families make the building blocks of society and in the family the woman plays a pivotal role. In its endeavor to make a dent in the transformation of society its thrust is to empower women which we are doing in the areas of education, enabling, facilitating and intervening.

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About Us

Because there was no money and no resources the idea of what later would become H.O.P.E. started under a tree. Sr. Noelline gathered women together with the intention to learn from each other. As she asked the women about their interests they said that they would like to learn something by which they could earn their own money. Because some of them had a natural talent for handicrafts they started to teach each other in various skills and to produce different kinds of handicrafts. On her travels in Europe (look at The Founder) Sr. Noelline had contacted some boutiques which were willing to sell some of the articles they received from the women.